About Key-shirt

Mission statement:

Key-shirt's mission it to teach equity, diversity and inclusion to students using items that help provide a feeling of belonging within their school community while understanding they, and every classmate, are uniquely special.


Vision statement:

Our vision is of "We are one" school community culture. We come together to help and encourage one another.  When bullying occurs, the bully gets called out by bystanders, or the victim, as, "[student's name] what you are doing is not helpful.  How can I/we help you?  What do you need?"

If you can't be helpful then it's you who needs help, and that's okay, we all need help sometimes.


  • To provide a culture where every student feels safe to explore, safe to make mistakes and have minds open to learning
  • To start a trend of every student feeling save, valued and is a  contributing member of their school community
  • To decrease the epidemic level of anxiety in today's student's
  • For students with anxiety, to make school feel less like a wild jungle and more like a community tribe